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Hey Kentucky!! I can't believe it has been since January since any of us have posted. I know I am slacking severely. No real good excuse, just spacing, I guess. Hope all of you are doing okay.

Jemison - It sounds like you more than have your hands full, which, you always do. It is sad that some families just drop their family member like they were nothing. I am sure they feel justified whatever happened. Hope things go better for John and the rest of the family.

Patch - I had hoped that your mister had started getting better. TBI is a terrible thing for both the person but the family as a whole. We can always hope there is some improvement going to happen. Are you having a garden this year? I think I will do a few plants and of course, my flowers. Tomatoes are a must for me. Love some fresh garden veggies. There is a local couple here that I get fresh veggies from.

Sass - I am sure you are busy, too! Working all the time.

I am doing pretty good. Had shoulder repair surgery at the end of January but it is healing nicely. I think it will be a success. Less pain already but PT continues which flares it up. Still with all the chronic crap but doing pretty good for an older gal. They can't keep me down. I am looking for another part time job as a nurse somewhere. I threaten to go apply as a Walmart greeter, which I think I might be able to do that. This living on social security doesn't go far enough but at least I have that. More than others might.

I hope you all have a beautiful spring. This is my favorite time of year. Not too hot yet and not so cold (most of the time), and all of nature is coming back to life.
Blessings to all.
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