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Originally Posted by patchouli View Post
Hello & welcome to PTO I hope your wife's journey is a safe & speedy one.

I've checked Ct DOC Directives & Policies, found the following:

See Page 5 - and book mark it or download for future reference:

Best guess is that you'll need write the Warden and request a courtesy visit....seems like they could give folks longer than 2 weeks for corresponding Process might go faster if CT DOC has a list of contact numbers / email addresses. I'll keep looking....
Hi patchouli,

Thanks for your response! I'll keep that document on file, as it does address some other questions I had as well.

My wife is concerned about me being able to visit after the 14 days is up- the same counselor said I would not be allowed to visit without special approval from the warden because I was arrested 10 years ago on a DUI charge. I thought this was odd because I was never convicted (first and only offense, got accelerated rehab and the case was nolle'd). I've already sent a letter to the warden, but this document specifically states "A current or ex-offender who has been convicted of a crime shall be precluded from routine placement on an inmate's visiting list," so hopefully I'm good.

If you do find any direct numbers or emails, please do let me know. Otherwise, if I can't get ahold of anyone I'll just have to show up and hope for the best..

EDIT: I responded after your original reply and went to another tab to do some searching.. I found the email for the Public Information Office and sent an email to them.. Then I noticed that my reply to you failed because I haven't been a user long enough to post a link so had to remove the link from your quoted reply Thank you for the update. With any luck the PIO will respond in time with some useful info.

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