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Originally Posted by patchouli View Post
Yep, I didn't get into the nitty gritty details (transport, % to serve, etc), but basically that's what I said That's right: time out of jail on bail/bond doesn't count; time out of jail on house arrest/HIP doesn't count; time spent in jail waiting for revocation does not count; On parole, time absconding does not count The following I'm a tad confused on: Your time starts to run the day you're arrested. Ya'll count from the get-go? What if charges are dismissed, or you're found innocent? Here the number of days given for jail credit are included in the sentencing process and written in the sentencing papers rather than keeping track up front from arrest going forward. Either the PO (if sentenced to probation) or the Class D Coordinator at the jail submit the number of days from arrest to sentencing to the Judge for inclusion at the sentencing hearing.
For credit purposes, that’s when it starts to run. Clock stops if you bail out. Reason on that being that so many sentences fall under AB 109 now that people serve the time in County Jail instead of State Prison.

If you’re not found guilty....welp.....everybody’s time got wasted, especially yours. (Would be nice if they let you apply those to a future sentence if anything else ever came up, huh?)
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