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Originally Posted by Ptafws View Post
I was just released on parole and have 8 more months till I'm off. In the intervening time I'm on tasc. Ive been on tasc while on probation but I was curious to hear some experiences with tasc on parole. Such as how often you get tested and if it's around the same part of the month. If I miss a day will I be instantly violated? Etc any insight would be helpfull
thank you
I have a question to your question. how are you in Tasc and Parole? Tasc is a program for ppl who are not sentenced to prison and if you do well, your case is suppose to be dismissed. I can tell you this, if you are not clean, it can set you back and it is a money maker for first offenders that have not made it to the big house. my daughter was offered that when she got a drug charge. she opted out and never made it to the meeting. she ends up on probation and now she is in prison. so it does not make sense that you are in a tasc program. during my daughters settlement, she opted out by taking a longer sentencing to not do any program like probation. you may want to find out why you are doing both. it does not add up
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