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Originally Posted by jemcc View Post
Hey girl ! Where is your man? Mine's at Menard and it took about two weeks after I submitted my driver's license, etc. to do the background check. You can't move around

They have rules like a visit where you have to stay still, just you (no one else in frame) and you have to even dress like you're on a visit - it's AWESOME though- enjoy it !!!!!!!

We have one on May 24 and then 27 for an hour (I accidentally grabbed a half hour one lol)

He's at Dixon. We've been doing video visits for almost 2 months now. I keep gravitating toward going in August or December to see him in person for the first time, but we'll see.

And yes - they're tough on the rules too. Well, kinda. Man last weekend my kid started FaceTiming me and I wasn't home when she did. Thinking it was an emergency I picked up and was hurriedly trying to get her off the phone. They cut my visit and were like "don't ever do that again" before they let me back on. How embarrassing -_-;
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