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Default PV: Prescription not in original bottle; Still eligible for ISP?

Hello everyone Iíve a member of the forum for some time but never got the chance to post. Any advice helps right now Iím dealing with my girlfriend who just got out of prison who violated parole. After she left prison she was put into a half way house/ sober living house. She was there for a little over a month until she was charged with violating parole. She was caught with her own prescription medicine in her purse but was not in the original bottle. The charge she got Possession of certain prescription drugs 2C:35-24. And to make things worse she was charged with Possess device to defraud administration of drug test 2C:36-10. The last charge she got only because the staff at the half way house said that the container she had in her purse could be used to store urine or soemthing along those lines. The next day county police picked her up and after 2 weeks later she was transferred back to state awaiting a parole hearing Iím assuming.
I know things donít look good but I was looking to hear what anyone had to say. Weíre looking to get a lawyer but still unsure. Wanted to know if she could still be eligible for ISP? Any help or info would be appreciated. Btw this is located in NJ.
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