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Thanks for the help. Yea right now I知 just lost on what to do. Worse comes to worse she would have to max out which would be another 8 months or so. I know she will be able to prove that the meds were her. Also the container that they claimed was used to defraud a drug test they threw away so I知 not sure how they plan on proving that if she gets a hearing. Right now we池e just taking things one day at a time i have money to get her a lawyer but I知 not sure if it値l even make a difference. I知 hoping maybe someone else has some insight. My main question I guess is if there is any ISP programs or any other alternatives someone could be eligible for if they violate parole. Also do you think there is any chance parole will not terminate her? I know nobody can answer that but I知 just asking from everyone痴 past experience. As you can see I知 pretty desperate and I wish I could help her in anyway but right now I知 lost and at a stand still which is driving me nuts. That痴 the end of my rant thanks for the response and if there痴 anyone out there who might have there 2 cents feel free it be more than appreciated.
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