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There are dorms there, yes. It's not a long term housing situation, though. There are a few prisoners assigned there possibly for maintenance or kitchen duties, but for the most part, Skyview is a psychiatric facility that involves no more than a 30-60 day stay. Most of the men I've seen go there over the years spend a few days in a single cell under observation. It's generally not a fun stay either. Some have problems accepting the fact that they're incarcerated and will act out, contemplate suicide or possibly be in a situation where they're in need of MHMR services.
Anytime you act out or threaten to commit suicide, TDCJ has a protocol in place to see where your heart's at, not literally your heart, but in the emotional vs. mental scope of things. Single man cell, paper moo moo and "I must living in Alaska because this cell is absolutely freezing cold." It's not that hard to go through MHMR for help and/medication at most any tdcj unit and because of that if you get sent to Skyview for......a grand display of behavior then, you best be ready for a GRAND reception.
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