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Originally Posted by Brod View Post
Hello I know this is a older post but was wondering howís your dad getting along in there? My brother recently got transferred there and I just found out heís in isolation. We donít know what happened and we contacted the prison and they just confirmed that heís in isolation but wonít tell us why,what happens or if heís ok. any info would be appreciated Iím new to this site and donít even know how to create a new post.
Sorry, I'm just now seeing this. Hopefully you've heard from your brother by now.
My dad is doing ok. He was in protective custody because he got jumped his 2nd day there. He was in that for almost a month.he was able to call once a week while in PC, and had a limited list of things he could order. Like they wouldn't let him have a pen or pencil. He eventually had a guard that got him a penew so he could write us. If you are close enough to visit, call and ask if he can have visitors, if so, he can have visitors on Mondays.
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