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Originally Posted by Nickel Timer View Post
Believe me, my friend, I felt the same way.

On my original felony crime spree, I was originally charged with 3 counts of burglary and 4 counts of grand theft.

My lawyer was able to get everything dropped but the one burglary charge. I was sentenced to 10 years suspended, with a 180-day paramilitary boot camp program to do in its stead. Upon completion, I didn't have to serve any additional prison time, but just complete the remaining 10 years on probation.

I was kind of mad at my lawyer for awhile, because if he could have had me plead to the "lesser" charge of grand theft instead, even though it might have meant up to 14 years on probation (instead of just 10), at least I would have gotten my gun rights restored back automatically afterwards since it wasn't considered a "violent" crime like burglary is.

But in hindsight, it ended up being for the best anyway. Because I ended up violating my probation anyway. Luckily, I was able to get my probation reinstated on the burglary, so that I was completely topped out and done with it by the time I was done with my second felony offense. Otherwise I would have still been on probation (on the original offense) even after I got out the second time.

I don't think you made a bad choice opting to do a little more jail time for only 1 year (instead of 3) of probation. You'll appreciate the early sacrifice you made once that 1-year mark comes up and you are finally off paper. Trust me.
Exactly, my lawyer who gets pissed if question anything he does, wanted me to plead guilty to an A misdemeanor that even though it would give me 2 weeks less jail time would have me on probation for 3 years. That is 2 years more than my 1 year with the B misdemeanor.

While I don't plan on doing anything stupid It could easily happen and I would face a sentence up to a year in jail now. At least with my B misdemeanor I would only have to face 90 days in jail.

I also have been so restricted with my traveling this last year that it is killing me. Normally I leave the state for the winter. I would go crazy if I got stuck here for 3 years because of probation.

This is why I always do my own research because I can't trust anybody to do anything right. Most people I deal with always make mistakes and seem to be just incompetent. This is for most anyone I deal with in almost all professions.

This is why I was staying on top of my lawyer and he didn't like that. But if I trusted him I would have a far worse sentence.
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