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Originally Posted by SkinnyWhiteGuy View Post
Just wanted to add something, my lawyer really went low at the end. After I pled guilty and he didn't help me stay out of jail for a misdemanor when I had no criminal record.

My lawyer was acting really pissed at me for what ever reason.

He then even said somthing about "we know you have mental issues". This was really a low comment because we never discussed mental issues or my mental health status before. But to say this based on my criminal charges I just found really low. I don't even know why he said it as I was questioning him about last minute things about my guilty plea and he wanted to throw that in there.

But he will get the google review and I will spend my time in Jail writing this out perfectly to let anyone who searches his name and reads his reviews see the type of guy they will get if they hire him as their lawyer.

He thinks he is untouchable, but this will surely hurt him a lot as many people look at these google reviews and I read them all the time. If I would have read a bad review about him I would have moved on as there was very limited information to go by.

I paid this scum lawyer $5,000 dollars for a misdemeanor case.
Keep in mind it is easier to do one yr of probation and be done,them several years. If you get in trouble on probation, you're going back for a lot longer.
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