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Sometimes your insurance has a phone number for a nurse - might check there as well. I know BC/BS in my state does.

Get ready to pee a ton. You're on a 5 day taper, so the first day, with the shock to your system, you're apt to gain the water weight. After that, the taper sets in and you'll lose it.

I had a dog on long term Pred treatment. By the time I took her off it, and I was the one to say, "stop", she was 10 lbs heavier than she is now (now she weighs a svelte 16 lbs), was peeing constantly, and the kicker for me - she couldn't walk more than 100 feet without getting bone tired. I'd carry her on our walks, stop at her favorite sniffing posts, but she was absolutely miserable. Came very close to euthanizing her, but glad I didn't as she's now 7 years later, 14 years old, and a happy camper who runs and plays and loves her life. I love watching her.

I've been on 5 day tapers before. I don't gain water weight, but I feel remarkably good the first couple of days. Then, I have an endocrine crash and feel like crap, but whatever was swelling is gone. Last time, it was a sulfa drug that caused all sorts of hell with my ears and face.
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