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Originally Posted by fiat_nox View Post
Glad you're feeling better!

As to being energetic? Yep, that's definitely part of prednisone. I can't sleep for the 5 days whenever I have to be on it and I can not stop talking the entire time - or writing 10 page letters - or texting . . .
Ha! I'm glad I'm not just imagining that. I was worried it would trip off a little depression, but nope. I feel great! A little puffy, but great! My former coworker would take rounds of it for MS. Whhoooo, that woman would go from 0 to 80 on the irritable-o-meter in a flat-minute and I was worried that might happen. I'm cranky enough!
Here's to four more days and fingers-crossed nothing too terrible in the way of a crash.
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