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Originally Posted by Nickel Timer View Post
Absolutely, Heather. ABSOLUTELY.

Being on probation/parole is pure hell, depending on what your class of crime is. If your BF is topping out off-paper, he will be able to breathe freely once again.

While he may still find it difficult to find a job as a freshly released felon, at least he won't have a PO actively conspiring against him, trying to get him fired from his new jobs by proactively campaigning against him like some of my POs did against me.
I believe it was grand larceny unarmed. He violated 3xs on prs, 1x wasn't him. The other 2 were drug related and his fault 100%. He just keeps saying i don't get it and to be free completely will change the dynamics somewhat. Less stress, etc. I'm praying he's right. We had our own business and were doing very well. Until he relapsed and was arrested on front lawn of client. We cannot have that so business will have to be handled differently..but he may not have to be dealing with a.job as a felon. Not sure yet how we'll proceed. He needs to be actively sober and clean first. That's going to take time. Thanks again

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