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I heard that the guy died as well, either way noone deserve that. Nice to see alittle action on this forum again. Not many of us on here anymore.

Originally Posted by EddiezSweetz View Post
Yeah I heard bout the eye being poped out ... I thought my husband said they airlifted dude..I also heard that instead of using the ole lock in sock technique they used a lifting weight instead...But I did hear he did die..but I kno how it is in there...Its like playing a game a telephone thru the grapevine ya kno...But Lakeland I thought was a pretty chill place to be housed at..But liie you said ish is crazy in there now ...They are taking away all the things these dudes need to keep em busy instead of em flippin out on each other..The best thing for em would be to let the state make money off a cojungal visits then they wouldnt be so broke and these men wouldnt be such buttholes ya kno ..To me it seems like they go in and become lost n far off from being rehabilitated after doing bitts n stretches ...Prison life is hard to me its worse then the streets...But thanx for gettin back at me...
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