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Try Telling Him 'listen Your Family Is Having A Hard Time Right Now And They Are Always Complaing To Me About You, I Dont Feel Comfortable Doing This So Instead Of You Having Them Drop The Money Off To Me Or Contact Me About It Just Have Them Send It To You Directly" Once You Put It That Way He Isnt Gonna Have A Choice But To Call Them For It Or Go Have Enough On Your Plate With Him And The Kids And For You To Have To Listen To His Family Belittle Him Or You Just Take Yourself Out Of The Equation.oh And You Dont Have To Rude About With His Family,cause That Will Only Cause More Problems But When They Ask U Y Cant U Bring Him The Money Or Something To That Fact Just Say" I Cant Im To Busy Cleaning My Filthy House And I Dont Have The Time"that Will Teach Them To Keep There Mouth Closed!!!

Good Luck Sweetie!
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