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Originally Posted by xxsweetheartxx View Post
I have a question. Valentines day is coming up and I always send my man a bunch of cards and letters for vday. I usually put a stamp on everything just wondering if I can just put them all in a box or a manolla evelope to save myself a lil money lol. And what is abosolutely not allowed regarding mail. Can there be tape or glue on pics on a paper? Any help greatly appreciated

You can send up to 10 cards in a manila envelope. It won't be returned as long as you have the correct postage lol....make sure the envelope has no metal preferably the adhesive one to seal it. You can find them at Target or Walmart.

No glue, no glitter, no false back, no lipstick kisses, no lip-gloss kisses, no stickers, no musical cards...and none bigger than an 8x11 size card.

Make sure that the back of each envelope has his name and CDCr # on it, you don't want any of them to get lost. Oh, and in a note let your LO, know how many cards you are including in the envelope to account for ALL of them

Good luck.
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