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It depends on their program. SHU inmates get no calls at all. But GP inmates it depends on their program and whats going on in there at that time. Some get one a week. Others who work and go to school may get more. Calls are 15 minutes. If you have a pre-paid account with GTL, it depends on how much you put down...I THINK $50 (which is the minimum) will get you 12 calls. If you have a regular account where they bill you, calls depend on where you are and where they call from. Im in SoCal, calls from the bay for me were like $3.00 per call for the whole 15 minutes. With GTL you can't go over $100 in a 30 day period. If you do they block your number until you pay off the balance. If you have like 3 months of not going over, you can call and request your limit to be increased. Hope this helps...