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There is a place called partners in housing it is in Indy. You can get their number from 411 but it is on Pennsylvainia ave downtown. It is more than a shelter but they can come and go as they please, it is dorm style with the kitchens and bathroom down the hall but they have a big closet desk and bed also a fridge in their rooms. I lived there a few years ago when I was escaping a bad relationship and paid 285 a month but some people there were attending drug classes and had a grant pay their rent. It is only them in their rooms and they can have cable internet phone,anything you could have in a regular house The leasing agent is Celina she is a great person.They also have case managers there for helping you find employment and other things.PM me if I can help out in any way. the name of the building itself is called the Blue triangle thats what it is listed under.
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