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Default **update--certificate Printed**

Hi PTO Family! I am so excited that I am trying to hold it in and can't! I prayed this morning as I do daily, but this day I prayed expecting a miracle...well, for those that are weary, lean on your faith because I found my strength and leaned on mine "called it as though it were"! Thank you God! I give Him all the glory for this miracle and all the blessings that continue to flow our way.

I called and found out that my husband's certificate was printed--TODAY!!! I was told that since his targeted date is Sept. 1st, that they will not even send over the information to the records department until about August 1st and then they will put it in the system and process it (or whatever they do) around the middle of the month to show a release date... I am still checking the locator daily because you never know how quick they will work it.

What do you guys think!?

Be blessed everyone and hang in there.

Once I get a release date, I will do my timeline.....

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