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Default --Parole Question and Good Time Question!!!!--

Situation & Question:

Serving 5 years on con-current sentences... Burglary of A Habitat w/ Intent to Commit a Felony. AND Indecency w/ a Child By Sexual Contact( NOT aggravated but I believe is considered a 3G now..) Has 13 months FLAT time served (still in County though). Will he come up for parole as soon as he gets to TDC? He's being told that he should come up for parole as soon as he gets transferred. He -wont- get it, b/c he has to serve a min. of 2 years (since the Intent is considered a 3G)but, he's being told he'll still be reviewed and "denied" until the 2 years is served. But, after the 2 years is served his sentence will be 'done' for the Indecency and he -should- start getting his good time counted 4 the Burglary? My point is.. if he comes up for parole during the time before the 2 years is up and is denied.. Hes still coming up for parole.. and I know that 'most' people don't get there 1st parole.. But , im hoping he still comes up even if denied.. b/c that means as soon as that 2 years is up.. he'll be eligible for parole (2nd or 3rd review) and should get out.. considering he's not a -risk- he's min. level, first time offender,lots of support,etc.. Hope this makes sense!
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