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i remember when i got transferred from county to state prison we weren't allowed to take any books we had. we had to either 'donate' it to the county or give it to a cell mate or whatever. there might have been an exemption for religious materials but i don't think so (but I'm in California).

i think in cali they are required to have a law library so you research your case and there was a chapel with various services provided (in prison, no chapel in county jail).

Originally Posted by IrishFire View Post
Hey y'all, I haven't posted in here much lately. I moved, got a new computer, looking for a car...blah, blah, blah. My husband was finally transferred to his perm. camp in Live Oak, FL. As he was packing up to move, he was told he couldn't take his Bible with him. Either throw it away or "donate" it. Is it just me or did someone screw up???

The prison he is at is new, like really, really new. In his unit there is no library OR chapel...ok, the library thing I can handle, but no chapel? Don't they have to make that available, even to inmates?
Just curious if anyone else ran across this before.
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