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Default ANY Info on Women's Huron Valley CF?? PLEASE!

My fiance was recently sent there for 1-5 years.. she got there about 10 days ago with 106 days credit.. she was able to call me for the first time today but only for a free minute (I've since put $25 on my phone through PCS) and she said she doesnt know when she'll be able to call again.. I just want to know some general things right now.. like how long is she locked down in Quarantine? 23 hours a day like for the men in Jackson? Or does she have a little bit more freedom?

How long does it take for her to get my postal mail (im about 2 hrs from Ypsilanti)? what about Jpay emails?

what is it like there? i mean, i know it's prison, but as we all know, some places are better than others and i know this is the only women's facility.. i just want to make sure she is going to be ok.. ive sent her money and books and stuff.. ive done all i can for her.. i just hope it's not too horrible...

so, please, any info would be great! thanks a lot!
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