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she says she was moved from A Wing to B Wing now in the quarantine process... she called me twice yesterday and said they get out twice a day, once in the morning and once at night... she said once she gets to C wing she will be able to use the phone more freely... she actually said she got my letters pretty fast.. like 2-3 days, but the letters she said she sent to me, i havent gotten yet. weird. they are also telling her that she may not even go to grounds because she has 8 months left and apparently they are so backed up that it's taking up to 4 months to get out of quarantine, i dont know how accurate that is.... i know the mens quarantine is HORRIBLE.. you are locked down 23 hours a day.... she actually just called me and told me the food is horrible there and claims they must have changed it or something... i dont know... i know the mens prison menu wasnt bad and i figured it was the same for all state prisons.

she said i can get her a securepak now and it's a new month so i can put some money on her books as well... i ordered her another couple books too, so she could be as comfortable as possible now... also, she said that in regards to the Jpay emails i sent to her, that she can only read them off of a computer or kiosk thing.. they dont print them and bring them around with the mail... that's how it is in the men's facilities... weird. do you know anything about that?

thanks for all of your help!
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