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Hot pot is a hot water pot in the day room area she had to keep it full during her shift. She said she basically had to sit near it most of the time. She don't like being out of her room much because she trying to stay out of things and deal with things going on with family at home. So she spends a lot of time in her room watching TV. Plus she is a little older than a lot of the women in her unit so her and the older crowd try to catch a little time in the TV room before and after medlines before the younger crowd takes over. Makes me glad we scraped the money together for her TV.

Things are changing she came in July 3rd and was in her room on grounds by mid -late August. She did get moved in September but that was due to a issue with her roommate, the lady didn't like roommates and went out of her way to get rid of them. From what she said her unit Rep said except for 1 she got a new roommate every month or so and had problems with all of them.

When you find out more about barracks I would be interested. I am trying to understand her world so I can help her through as best I can.
Heart broken, can't even imagine how she feels!!

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