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Originally Posted by AdalineNChris View Post
Never Said I Can Predict The Future ! I Trust My Husband When He Tells Me I Don't Ever Or Will Come Back To This Place Again , This Is My Wake Up Call ! ! This Isn't My Life Style Or For Me , , I Know That Means He Won't Do Or Look For Anything That Will Get Him Lock Up Again .....To Be Honest As Long As Their Not Talking About My Husband I Can Keep My Month Shut/Ignore It/Handle The Inevitable .
I meant "you" in the generic sense, as in none of us can. I think what you're counting on is him keeping his nose clean, and that's fantastic. I have the same high expectation for my LO when he's released. What we can't control is the slippery slope that is parole. A simple error could land him back with a PV. Recidivism rates are high and don't reflect how many people are back on a serious vs. procedural PV. I heard once, "With some degree of certainty, you can guarantee that you will never commit a crime. But you can't say with any certainty that you will never be accused of one." And that is very much the position our husbands are in. They are felons and that, by default, moves them up the list of suspects. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time does happen and with a felony under your (generic) belt, that can mean trouble.

I hope that you pursue your career goals with realistic expectations and perhaps attend a hiring event, even in another town/jurisdiction. Ask questions, lots of them. Get a feel for the culture and decide if it's right for you. Personally, I think there are good LEO and bad LEO just like all agencies. Knowing what I know from the criminal side would make it very difficult for me to work in a department allowing bad LEO to exist because a snide and unnecessary comment about anyone in custody is a comment about my husband, or yours. I wouldn't last long for that reason.
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