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Originally Posted by yourself View Post
This is the attitude a lot of people facing their first sentence have, especially if they view themselves as somehow less than what they think of as the stereotypical inmate in what they think of as the most common prison environment.

Part of it is because the only media exposure they have to prison is Oz, Lock-up, and OITNB. Part of it is because they cannot reconcile the life they had with the life they think they are going to have in prison. And sometimes, it's because of a personality disorder or other mental health condition that make them want to create drama. She's popular, therefor thinks she's going to be a target of a lot of hate.

The reality is that most have no clue what it's like in prison, cannot see past the first body cavity search, and cannot imagine their lives after prison. The reality is, most will survive prison, especially something like a camp.
Very talked to so mny people here who think prison is going to be like Oz or Lockup (true in that there are real prisons and inmates but totally sensationalist).Prisons, especially lowr security places are usually more boring than anything else
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