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Default He turned in list for jpay & calls approval 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Hey folks!

Husband has been at the GA Diagnostics- Jackson for two weeks now. I have gotten a couple letters. In his letter he said he turned in his list for approval for Jpay as well as his call list last Monday. Well its been a week and a half and it still says that Im not on his approved list to send money on Jpay and he said they get to make calls for 10 minutes on Tuesdays if I have been approved. However, here is yet another Wednesday and I haven't received a call.

Does anyone know how long it generally takes to get approved? Is it weird that Im his wife and its taking so long for them to approve me. Should I call up there, or can I even call up there?

His mom seems to be approved for Jpay. I had her create an account and just use my card to put money on his account because I didn't want him to miss another week of commissary.

Thanks in advance for your input!
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