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Happy 2021 everyone!

I wanted to say hello to those who are ridding with a loved one in prison, those of you who are firmly standing or crawling through the release, or any of you who did all that, but things didn't turn out as desired or planned, and still read through these forms, they are very helpful, they were for me... hi, it's all for and apart of the journey, hang in there.

Thankfully, Jr and I still communicate from time to time. Last year, right after we decided to go our separate ways, there was a lot of guilt, blame, and at times I really couldn't believe the things that were being said, by either of us. We both started seeing other people shortly after separating, and we've gone months without texting, but now and then we'll send random texts to one another, could be a meem or a snapshot of something which to us is an encrypted code I think we're both finally on the same page. In the beginning of our end, which was the beginning of parole, he said somethings that lead me to believe we'd never speak again, which was heartbreaking, and I didn't blame him, I shattered his idea of marriage with me, BUT I spent years of myself on him, money and time invested in him, I loved him, I just wasn't in love with him as I believed I was or could be upon his release. YES, breakups suck - was I asking too much to remain "friends" at first?? For him, YES. At that point all I could do was made it clear to him that I'd always be open to hear him out, to be the friend I was for years, that one day he'll realize I was a gift to his life, not a curse or to be blamed for wanting a different life than the one he could not keep up with or provide I know that sounds harsh, but it was my truth.

I'm thankful for crossing paths with Jr, my focus on him for years aided in my ability to mother my daughter, be alone, be safe, focused on school then focus on work, all while in peace. He was my anchor and I will forever be grateful for that.

Jr is doing very well, thriving at work, purchased two cars last year, and maintaining a healthy life.

With Love,

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