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Originally Posted by IrishFire View Post
I certainly support your right to believe as you do, but for me *personally* I respectfully disagree.

Life would be SO much easier if we were all to submit to God's will.
However, the God I serve and believe in gave each one of us free will...and it gets me in trouble every time!
God doesn't want a bunch of lemming followers, He desires us to submit to His will by choice. Just like, I don't want my husband to be with me because I went through this nightmare with him; I want him to be with me because he loves me. (Did that make sense? )

(I really enjoy these older threads!)

No offense meant, but I think you misunderstood what I posted. I'm not saying that we're all a bunch of blind followers...simply that, even if a person does not believe in God/Allah (SWT), their body still submits to Him in the way it functions according to His will. We still believe Allah (SWT) gave us free will to choose what we want to do/believe...but we have no control over how our blood flows, how our lungs expand, etc...that is all how Allah (SWT) has commanded it and is not under our control.

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