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Default Programs for ex-felon entrepreneurs

I started a wedding photography and event planning business with my wife. It has afforded my family with a very comfortable life. We are homeowners and have nice things. We are able to do nice things for our children too. Our business makes in the 6 figures. So entrepreneurship is definitely an option for you and you can be very successful.

On another note, I just passed my medical to become a pilot. The FAA considers past criminal conduct as a potential mental issue that may be disqualifying. They view criminal conduct as potentially having a personality disorder. After all, you donít want somebody with a strong reservations to obeying the law flying airplanes. So a one time issue is easier to overcome then if you have multiple convictions. And I was able to overcome that as well. I now hold a class 2 medical certificate which allows me to fly commercially once I get a commercial rating.

The skyís the limit. Go for it.

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