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Originally Posted by PapaSmurf View Post
It can't be overturned unless it actually gets ruled as unconstitutional.

This A-Hole judge has no legs to stand on, not only that, the laws he cited are not correct.

It will be broke down further when the arguments happen, but all this judge did was throw a wrench in the works because all of the republican parties (DA's) are butthurt.

Skinner will make sure this Judge gets smacked down and all the other Red Counties as well.

This isn't the first time a Judge has done this exact thing.
I hope you're right. It is not overturned, but at least one judge has made that ruling. My concern is appealing the unconstitutionality decision to higher courts. I sure as hell would appeal if I lost my case.

If higher courts overrule lower court judge decision than I assume the law is in good shape.

If higher courts agree on the ruling that it is unconstitutional, what happens? Would that overturn the law? Can Skinner - or the legislature in general - do anything about that?
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