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Default Any info on Sumner County Jail in Gallatin,Tn will be helpful to me

If you have any information on this jail please tell me.Some lady has told me a little that she knows about the jail but I would like to know more.My husband got 30days in there and he started the sentence 2 days ago.He had a driving with no license&they have him 30 days instead of giving him what all the other people got.My husband is a good person,great dad&husband,and he works&comes home with our family.He just got out of Rutherford County 8 days before he got put in jail in sumner county.He should have $60 on his commissary from the money he had on him when they booked him in,I have all his other belongings,besides his clothes&shoes he was wearing.
This is hard to go through again since we have 2 kids at home and im almost 6months pregnant with our 3rd and we just got though going though almost 4 months of it.My husband is a very strong man&he told me to try to be strong&calm down and not stress,but thats hard to do.
Any information you can give me about the sumner county jail ,like the commissary,how they treat inmates,if inmates gets to go outside,etc......And also my husband was tlaking to a guard shortly after he got booked in&the guard told him he should be able to be a trustee&get 2 weeks knocked off his sentence so hed only have to do 2 weeks.Im not sure if hes able to do that because I havent talked to him since he got put in.Im hoping to get a letter from him within the next few days cause he'll let me know everything.I really want him to call me but I dont think he can since they dont have calling cards in there&we only have a cell phone.
Thanks for any information you can give me on this jail&all.
Jennifer~~missing my husband&kids missing their daddy~~We love you baby!
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