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My hubby was there for 29 months. Sumner county jail is a horrible place for any inmate having to be there more than 60 days. They wear stripes. If one doesn't have them on the whole pod gets locked down. There is no tv, or going outside. They don't feed them well so if u can't afford commissary you are goin to starve. Phones are 15 minute calls through To put money on their
Books it's easy u go online to
Govpaynow and do it. Visitations are on monitors. No contact visits. So that part sucks, the staff is
Very rude, and stan behind to watch ur visits on a monitor. They offer a homeward bound and trustee program which is hard to get in. And all the co's are the type
That like to mess with inmates, push them to a limit of pissing them off. I'm lucky my
Hubby got moved a week ago. I went to get his
Personal items and they gave someone his clothes. It's a mess there. They don't give them anything they need to stay healthy, no vitamins, sunlight, workout equipment, decent food. Nothing. My
Hubby looked pale, tired and drained. Saw him yesterday at WTSP he has been there a week and he looked better already. I have any info u née for sumner feel
Free to ask me on here and I will answer or direct you to the resource.

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