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Originally Posted by *RaymondzWifey* View Post
I am in complete agreement...My husband is doing 15yrs plus another 5 for a enhancement of a misdemeanor crime he did when he was 16 yrs old. His controlling case was for bodily harm on 2 counts. His co defendant was his identical twin brother.His brother will be out the gate in just 20 days,and the twist on my husbands case is that his twin brother was also threatened with if he didnt testify against his twin then he'd be given 69 yrs. to life{what a joke...What life}and the other guy at the scene that was identified in a lineup at the scene by the victims walked ,why???His grandfather was a Superior Court Judge at the courthouse that their trial was set at ,so you already know the ending on this story. My husband was not identified by the victims,he went to get his van out of impound 5 days later,first he had to go get a clearance from the L.A. P.D. why would he go there if he was guilty??? thats only the beginning this seriously would take too long and never make any more sense than yours.I'll pray for you and your man to see justice someday with all this...*RaymondzWifey* as e=CTemen-Mojica;1246303]Well the innocence project only haelps those that have dna to prove their innocence. What if that is not the case. My husband is innocent and it was even brought up at his trial that the person that testified against him at trial said while on the whitness stand that he lied on his statement because he was beaten by police and threatened with a 25-life sentence if he did not change his statement, and even with that they still convicted him and found him guilty. What can I do he was only 14 years old at the time and now he is going to be thirty this year. He was sentenced to 9-life, and has done 15 years so far. He has been denied at 4 parole boards already. What do I do help please. Anyone that has advice pm me.#4 Member loving my lifer club
Same basic story for my guy the two men who did the crime finished their time in a few years while my guy is down for 37 years. He didnt do the crime and the man who did ("friend") of his passed away 2 years ago. It is a sad life that can steal a mans life from him for something he didnt do. Is not a DNA case and so basically no one will reopen it. No one was hurt, he was not accused of murder or rape or any of that stuff and yet they stuck it to him because he didnt offer to help nail other men to the cross. The general public needs to know this and their story needs to be heartd!
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