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Originally Posted by orchid26 View Post
My husband has been granted parole. Are there a certain number of days they have to parole him? Also will the address need to be verified before he gets his release or after? We are in Mississippi
As far as I know, the only limit to how long a person can be held once they have been paroled is the end of their sentence.

In order for someone to be released on parole in Mississippi, their parole address must be verified and approved. Normally, that will be done before they are granted parole, but more and more, that just doesn't seem to be the case. There are certain places to which offenders will not be allowed to parole, geographically, as well as case-related.

As well, there may be additional conditions that have to be met before he is actually released, such as completion of an anger management or alcohol and drug program. There are also other factors that may complicate his release, including if he has escapes on his record.

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