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Lexington is home for me, the city not the prison. Although, every week the prison visiting room is feeling more and more like home.
I see the women out running the track when I walk into the med center (where my man is NOT a medical inmate) and really all I know about the camp is that they have visiting on weekends, they can see the male inmates on the yard, they wear a green uniform that look sorta like scrubs to me and they can greet their visitors at the car. I don't know why, but that's a big point of jealousy among the male inmates lol. They want to walk out to the parking lot and meet us too. Ummm....what else can I tell you? all camps they do a lot of maintenance around the prison grounds (landscaping, picking up garbage, etc.)
The facility itself is old. In the 1800s it was renowned nationwide as a cutting edge drug rehab center. But that was the 1800s! I can also tell you based on a recent visit that it has the biggest roaches I have ever seen in my life! I saw it from across the room, like 40 feet away! Me and my favorite CO (doesn't say much in that crowd lol, but he's great) were joking about them the other day. I asked him why their roaches are so huge and he said "I know! They're the width of my hand. We gotta feed em steroids cuz who else is gonna protect us when the sh*t goes down?!" lmao

So I hope someone else has a lot more info for you. I have talked to a few women on pto that did time there, so you will find help I'm sure. Good luck, and welcome to KY! (Just wish it was under better circumstances)
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