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Originally Posted by Ladybug98 View Post
It could really cut down on rapes, violence, & give them something to look forward to
A bit off topic, but rape is a violent act that isn't satisfied by healthy intimate interaction. A person with sexual violence in their history would not have access to FV regardless of their sentence.

I'm glad to hear what Newsom has done regarding the death sentence. I feel like it's a pretty safe move, though, given CA's recent push to relax punitive measures. Other countries are definitely putting pressure, or at least making highly visible their feelings on our use of the death penalty so there's support on a greater scale, as well.

But what now? If you commute them to LWOP, you need to get programs in there that are currently restricted to DR inmates. It's fine (and good!) for Newsom to do this, but is CDC prepared to treat them as LWOP.
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