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Sz & 1bird........... Thank you for the great wishes and remarks. indeed to stay married these days is a milestone. not always easy, but God has always been our glue in the hard times, as well as in everyday life.

we had planned on going into town (an hour drive) and see a movie and do dinner (OLIVE GARDEN!!) but our doggie (9yrs) was having some problems and we didnt want to leave her alone in house that long. so we thought we would do it on Wed since we had to go into town anyhow for shopping. well, that didnt work either.
car is in bad shape (the computer in car) so we ate lunch @ mcd's and did our shopping and straight home. Although doing dinner or something is always a fun
(and sometimes romantic) we are just happy to be together. last yr I almost lost him
to blood clots in the lungs. I am grateful God still gives us time together.
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