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Default Further Elmira Reception info: TVs; schedules etc.etc.

You can buy a TV ($80) when you get commissary--usually after you have been there 2 weeks. You order it at the commissary and you get it a couple days later. Buy an antenna--they only have local channels in Reception.

You can buy headphones too--they broadcast three stations that change--the music stays on all night.

You can spend up to $55 for food and other stuff per 2 weeks. BUT stamps and envelops do not count toward the $55--you can spend up to $14.50 every 2 weeks on that. And your TV does not count toward the $55.

You will be able to ship all your stuff with you when you transfer--after you finish your 2 weeks of reception, you are a regular inmate--even though you are still governed by the Reception "House Rules". Essentially you are waiting for tranfer. Those awaiting placement in a max usually end up there longer.

You will get calls on one night per week and three mornings if you shower and shave fast enough. BUT you will have to have all the numbers you will be calling cleared, so tell them to your counsellor on your first meeting. You get 15 minutes per call. and of course they are all collect through

After the two weeks of orientation, you get rec 2 times per day. You also get to go outside.You can play basketball on rec.

You get all your clothes--green shirts and pants (like work clothes) underwear, handkerchiefs, socks, 1 pair of boots and one pair of sneakers. You get soap and one roll of toilet paper (can buy more at the commissary). They give your razors and toothpaste each day--you have to give them back.

to barter, they use stamps (which really means envelops they pay for with the postage--the prison posts the letters).

The weekday visiting room is nice. Tables and chairs and vending machines. BRING QUARTERS. They have pens and games at the desk in the visiting room. When you walk into the visiting room, go see the officer at the desk, she assigns you to a table. The inmates are called after you are there and seated.

All in all, the guards were pretty helpful compared to the County guys. You ask respectfully--they help. I just kept telling everyone it was my first time and they were very nice.

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR --DO NOT WEAR AN UNDERWIRE BRA OR YOU WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF TO PASS THE METAL DETECTOR. I saw 6 women get turned away to take off their bras. They will let you take it in and put it back on--but who wants that hassle? Also, use common sense about your clothes--nothing remotely sexy is let in--so why drive all that way to find that out? And, think about metal on your clothes--one girl who had been there many times --forgot about the snaps on her sleeves--back to the car--new shirt etc--and it is a LONG walk up and down 1 million stairs back and forth to the car.
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