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Default Items you CAN and CANNOT send to an inmate at LAC

Items you CAN send:

Binder Paper
Postal Stamps (40 stamps or 40 pre-stamped envelopes)
Photos- only 10 (no larger than 8x10)
Greeting cards (plain, no foil, glitter, metal springs, etc.)
Money Orders- (with the inmates name and CDC#/housing listed, must be a U.S. Postal Service money order)
Anything on the “Approved” vendor list, on each vendor’s website (for quarterly/special purchases, LAC specifically)
Books (3 books at a time, must be paper back, if hardback they will either rip off cover OR refuse it, depends on CO. Must come from book store, ie; walmart,, barnes and noble, etc)

Items you CANNOT send:

Frontal Nudity Photos
Phone Calling Cards
Stickers, Tape, or Glue
- None on/inside ANYWHERE
Anything Wire, Metal, or Plastic
“Spiral” Notebooks
Photos larger than 8x10

************************************************** ********

***If you are EVER unsure about what can and cannot be sent to an inmate at LAC, call the mailroom at (661)-729-2000, extension 7150***

************************************************** ********

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