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Default Update from 10/2012

There is a car wash right in front of the prison, with a change machine.

I got there early because I had read and heard that you should be there before 9, since I was so anxious to see him, I got there a little too early. I had to climb the 900 steps twice! During the week really no need to get there much before 845 am. (At least when I went).

I did explain to the guard it was my first visit, he was rather dismissive and in my opinion annoyed at having to explain stuff to me.

I bought a non-underwire bra for my trip and STILL set off the metal detector. They simply had me remove the bra in the ladies room, place it in a paper bag, go back through the detector and replace the bra on the mens room. Yes ladies that is right, the mens room. Don't ask the CO to repeat himself he'll get annoyed!

I went through the two gates, back outside, through two more gates, up a small set of steps and into a lobby area and proceeded to the visitor room door. The steps to get up to the visit room are narrow and steep!

The slot to put your paperwork in is at the top of the stairs on the wall to your left, its VERY small about the size of a cell phone! I was buzzed in, hand checked, paperwork handed back and buzzed into the visit room.

It took longer for my fiance to come up because he was in the process of being moved to a different cell, but he was there within about 20 minutes of my arrival. The guards did not explain anything to me, only to him when he got to the room. I did not use the bathrooms ... after reading the sticky's I couldn't bring myself to even attempt it.

The vending machines were pretty well stocked and they were refilled about half way through the visit. The vending machine room is locked while he's refilling.

Bags of chips were .75, soda $1.50, water $1.25, coffee/tea/cocoa .50, candy $1.00, sandwiches $3.50, wings $7.00, yogurt and milk $1.75, deck of cards $4.00.

There are several microwaves in the vending machine room.

The guards kept to themselves only came around once to see if anyone wanted to have pictures taken ... we chose not to (only cause I hate that his head was shaved, lol) so I do not know how much those are.

The room wasn't completely full but it did get rather noisy.

There was a play area for kids that seemed to have a few toys, the TV/Movie was not playing, so the kids that were there did get a little antsy.

I plan on going back to see him again on Sunday, I'll try to post any differences I see between a weekday visit and a weekend visit.
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