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Originally Posted by S4L
This is the first Food Sale since we've been here..Does anyone know how long it usually takes AFTER the end of the order date til the guys get their food? Like is it usually a week later,2 weeks,a month??? I'm just trying to figure if the Level 4's that put in orders for the Food Sale would even get their food back before transfers,(being that according to the Warden @ the IFC Meeting,she had said she was hoping to have ALL the Level 4's out by Apr.1st) and I know my husband had told me before,that when the prisons have Food Sales,those are Fund Raisers and the guys won't get refunded under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES,(release,transfers,Ad-Seg,etc.) And @ $15 a Pizza & $11 for 8 pcs of Wings,and times that by 3 orders of each,(at his request,) I am not trying to give away $78 of Pizza & Chicken to feed the Officers,if they start transfers before the guys food comes...Any info appreciated...
Wow so they are all gonna be out of there by april 1st?my husband also ordered alot :/ free food for the c.o.'s .

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