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Congrats to and good for your son and you, too! I think getting 30 days knocked off of the box is more important than losing 60 days of good time. You can live a semi-tolerable existence in Fishkill GP, but IMO not so in the box.

I don’t know if they still do it there, but Fishkill used to put as many as they could (depending on open beds) of the guys getting out of the box into the "Network Program” housing unit. I was in the NP house for almost my whole time at Fishkill and I recommend it. It’s kind of like Boy Scouts for prisoners in prison. Big emphasis on in-house meetings, self-improvement programs, "taking responsibility for one’s life” and all that “Boy Scout-type stuff”. Some may think it’s corny but the truly bad dogs don’t dig that stuff, so they bail out fast. I always thought we had an above-average house because of that. We had less trouble than a lot of houses back when I was there. If your son can get into the NP house for his last couple months at Fishkill, I don’t think it’d hurt and I recommend it. Get into a Porter Pool job and chill out reading and watching TV. Good luck with whatever he ends up doing.

On your question--- IMO Parole isn’t famous for having their act together. If your son and the website are saying Nov but Parole thinks Sept, I’d bet my money on your son and the website.

Tell your son to try to have a couple quiet last months at Fishkill (maybe in the NP house?) after he gets out of the box and look forward to being home for Thanksgiving. Good luck to both of you.
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