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Originally Posted by CAYSONSWIFEY1 View Post
My child's father was there close to 8 weeks they don't get in no hurry.. An if u don't want him transferred to parchman find out his case manager an go ahead an do a paid transfer. I found out after dyl was transferred to parchman I could have paid for him a transfer while he was in Rankin an he wouldn't have went to parchman!
Is Parchman bad ? This is all fairly new to us. So I can call up there and check the status of his classification and all that ? What other prisons do they send to theat is better than Parchman because as of right now at rankin they are over crowded and has him in the unit where people are serving life sentences. He called this morning and told me that people from intake was being housed there too because itís no room in quickbed
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