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Originally Posted by 801Melody View Post
Right Caligirl! My husband transferred there during that time he was previously Warden and he did the same. My visiting form wasn't even approved until I had to beg a staff member and tell her it had been 6 months going on 7 on waiting to hear about it since his counselor kept saying he never saw it.

The fact of the matter is, it will be like this so long as Quintana is Warden. It's all politics! I refuse to let someone in that authoritative position blatantly punish everyone and not let my voice be heard. They've already done the worst they can do...
You are absolutely right Melody!! Not to mention healthcare issues not being addressed and visitation (when they are NOT on lockdown) having adopted punitive measures against not only our men but also families etc etc...It is time to take a stand.
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