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You're really over-thinking this. There is no need to do a mock PSR. The PO doing the PSR will collect and verify background information on you from many sources, not just you. They should be doing an interview with you, your wife, possibly other family members, do a home visit, verify educational information, past and present occupational information, medical information, etc. If someone is offering the service to you for payment, don't waste your money.

Character letters are not part of the PSR and should be sent under separate cover, first to your attorney (but written to the Judge) and then the attorney should then forward them on to both the prosecutor and PO.

If any issues come up later, you can then add them to your PSR.

Also, if the PSR is erroneous in any way, once you get it, which should be well before you're sentenced, then that can be addressed. The PO in my husband's case made a ton of errors including factual, but the attorney told us not to debate or have them changed because they were not pertinent enough to his sentencing and it wasn't something we wanted to annoy the PO over since she ultimately makes a recommendation to the Judge on sentencing and you want it to be as favorable as possible.

The PSR is not a public record. When it is complete, only you, your attorney, the judge and the prosecutor get a copy. Later the prison gets one as well. My husband corresponding at times directly with the PO when he had information to update.

The other big part of the PSR which was very time consuming was all the financial information he had to provide. He also had to include a lot of my stuff in this part, including my bank accounts, my credit cards, my work info, assets, etc. So be prepared to include this as well.

As far as character letters, your attorney should know your judge well enough to know what he/she is looking for. He should know your judge way better than any prison consultant would know your judge, so take heed of that. You can research on your own through pacer by looking up your judge's cases and see if he/she generally goes well below guidelines or not. That may be reassuring to you or it might not be. But don't waste your $ on a prison consultant. But you have an attorney and he/she should be doing their job.

Feel free to pm any questions. We researched a ton of this and were fortunate enough to come out with a positive result. One important point, better yourself during this process while you are waiting to be sentenced, even if you have not pled yet. Do whatever you can to be a better person. Volunteer, give to charity, seek therapy. Anything that shows remorse (as your handle states), that will go a long way. Also, make an effort to pay some restitution (if you owe it) on your own.

My husband's guidelines were 57-71 months and he got 18. Definitely due to all the information we took that was out there and educate ourselves.
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