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Hey Ladies (& Gents),

I have just entered the realm of being with an inmate. Another 25 months that go which I don't feel is long compared to a lot of other couples but I'm anxious as hell. I don't want to create a fairytale in my head then be confronted with a nightmare when he gets home. He has always been pretty good at letting me know how much he values me and wants me which is great and a reason why I want to keep him around. Basically I started this forum to get some stories about how others deal with the anticipation, emotional duress and celibacy. When things are going wrong on the outside world I just want his presence to help get me through but unfortunately our calls and visits are limited. I am very open with him and vice versa, initially he old me if I chose to sleep with someone else just not to fall in love and don't tell him about it, fast forward a year and he's telling me I should respect our relationship and wait for him to come home, I'm 27 btw. I haven't slept with anyone else since he left but it crosses my mind (sorry I'm human). I kind of just want to be his support, accept calls, visit when I can and live my life normally until he gets home but I don't want to jeopardize what we could potentially be (husband and wife) but potential is not a guarantee. I also tell him that his whole lifestyle must change if we are going to be together and prison can never be apart of his life again because it's unfair to me. I honestly do see a future with him but the reality is life is hard and struggle is a part of life. He has to adjust to the struggle without going back to crime and humble himself to build from the bottom. I hope this is his last bid and it changes his mindset because I want to live out my thirties living and loving not being monitored by COs when I try to touch my man. Ladies who have got through this, how did you manage and what is your relationship like now that he is home? I'm going to be anticipating this day for a long time.
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