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Originally Posted by Mama Buttercup View Post
Hi everyone,
I'm new here and do not fully understand jpay. I put $50 into an account for my son but I'm not sure if it's for phone. Do I need to specify what the money is for or is the account money for him to use for whatever he needs? How will he know if the money is there? Will he be notified? He is in a county correctional facility in Monroe, Pennsylvania I can't seem to get answers easily and everything is a runaround.
Thanks for your help,
Mama Buttercup

It's just like what was said but also the amount that u send ur son they take 20 percent I think out for any fines or fees and whatever is left he will have to use on his account. My man is in Albion I always put 100 or more on his account each month this way he gets a months worth of stuff. And also they have a package from access that u can send him with food in it I sent my man one 2 months and he is enjoying the 80 dollars worth of food I got for him. I am sending him another package in april. But u can only order the packages there the access site only u can't send him urself

I hope this gives u a little more info

Pm me if u want to know more
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