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Originally Posted by rockchalk1 View Post

As far as character letters, your attorney should know your judge well enough to know what he/she is looking for. He should know your judge way better than any prison consultant would know your judge, so take heed of that. You can research on your own through pacer by looking up your judge's cases and see if he/she generally goes well below guidelines or not. That may be reassuring to you or it might not be. But don't waste your $ on a prison consultant. But you have an attorney and he/she should be doing their job.

And everything else Rock said. (I am not an attorney either, but did write a lengthy character letter to the judge). The attorney should guide you through the character letter process. If he/she is doing their job, you will be given pointers as to how to address that particular judge. Attorneys know judges for years and have an insider's knowledge about how to approach them best.

The character letter should not get bogged down in details of the crime or how it's affected you and the family. It should speak directly to who the person is to you and how much they mean to your life and its happiness (hopefully).
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